Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Betta" Days

Anyone that has boys, knows that taking care of living things are not usually their best instinct...unless it's a tarantula, or a snake, or something else cool and dangerous.

So I wondered what would happen when my son's girlfriend gave him a Siamese Fighting Fish as a gift. To my surprise, he happily took on the task of caring for this little fellow.

For the first three weeks, that is!

Slowly his interest waned, and I, being the mother figure, would dutifully remind him of his responsibility. I eventually came to terms with the fact that the poor Betta's living environment was not getting any better. Once more I mentioned it to my son, pointing out the brown stuff growing in the tank. I warned that if he continued to sorely neglect the Betta, it would surely die!

But, a few days later I noticed even more brown algae forming inside the tank. The unhappy little Betta hid amongst the white plants which were now also covered in the offensive stuff. Apparently my threat of an untimely death had made no impact whatsoever on my son. A little disappointed with this revelation, I decided that my little friend should no longer be subject to such ill treatment, and promptly took matters into my own hands!

THAT, my friends, was my big mistake!

With great care I scooped the Betta into a clean glass jar, and put him on the counter, safely out of the way. I carefully moved the tank over to the sink, with the pump still attached to it, the cord dangling. I turned and began to move away from the counter, and then froze....


I stood aghast as water, gravel, fancy rocks and offensive plants covered my kitchen floor! To my chagrin and unbeknownst to me, the pump cord had skillfully wrapped itself around my leg, and as I turned away the fish tank tipped off the counter and onto the floor below. If that wasn't enough, the tank now had a big crack in it!

Meanwhile, the Betta sat on the counter in his temporary glass jar calmly observing my catastrophe...

Sigh...I try so hard!

I cleaned up the mess as best I could and quickly drove to the pet store to replace the little aquarium. Twenty minutes later, the Betta swam around happily in his new home, hopefully strong enough to survive the whole ordeal. I know I did, although I've had better days!

If perchance, he doesn't, I have a rain check at the pet store for a new one. They come free with the tanks. I hope this one lives though, we've been through a lot together!


  1. Oh you poor thing! That happened to my mother and I when I was a kid and had a pet goldfish named Harry. After all that trouble I'll definitely keep my fingers crossed for ya that the little guy makes it!

  2. Hi. I like your blog! We've all had "betta" days I think!

    Per your question at my blog, I always quote the NIV unless I note differently. If the version isn't noted (like today) it's NIV.

    I'm glad your visiting and hope you continue to! God bless!

  3. LOL! I would have tossed that fish and the broken tank in the trash! My daughter went through the fish stage once and I could so relate. I ended up cleaning it a few times and then decided she could bond with her cat and dog enough!

  4. Oh my gosh, I can only imagine what a MESS that must have been! And, being a "boy Mom" I totally know what you were experiencing. Gotta' love 'em AND train their girlfriends what an appropriate gift is! I'm glad you weren't hurt in the whole thing.

    :-) Susan

  5. Oh I am so sorry!!! But sweetie, you Have to know, that it takes alot to kill a beta!!
    I have known people who put them in large glass vases with peace lilies floating over head.
    They are just that hardy!!

  6. You're right, the Beta did survive that little ordeal!

  7. We have a beta and he loves to eat mosquetto larve. Now that it is getting warmer, he will be getting fat again.


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