Monday, May 11, 2009

The Landscape

The landscape was comforting and familiar. She looked it over once again, this time with a critical eye, inspecting each bump and spot while lightly running her fingers over the canvas. She cringed as she noticed some unsightly crevices where once it was uniform and flawless. It used to be such an appealing piece. At one time the canvas had been taut and smooth, emanating a gentle warmth and clarity of style. The colors had been strong and fresh; the form, pleasing to the eye. It had brought some compliments over the years which sh'd shyly dismissed as friendliness. To her the landscape told a simple story. It reminded her of life and its diversities. Yet, with each passing year the beauty of the piece had faded and each of the flaws she now beheld had slowly become more prominent. So much so, that sometimes the appeal of the object would escape her as she focused on its imperfections.

Lately it seemed more challenging to repair. The canvas was not as tight as it used to be. She learned to work with different colors and new tools to cover the blotches and lines that appeared over time. Determinedly she'd worked to make the old look new. It was that time once again. She pulled out her palette, ensured the right amount of light was in the room, and began the work. Carefully she applied the colors using just the right strokes. Every so often she stopped, backed away and took a broader look, so she could get it as close to the original as possible. Just another stroke here, a line and a dot there, and finally she was happy.

Looking intently, she decided there was still some beauty in the landscape, though it was gently fading and still showing some defects. It didn't have the same loveliness it once held, but it looked fresh and new, better than when she'd started. Satisfied, she put away her toolkit, took another quick look in her mirror, and also put it away. It would have to do. Time was moving on...

This post addresses something we all deal with on a daily basis. It was not meant to be self indulgent. In fact, it's okay to get older...the hoary head is a crown of glory! More important than outer beauty is the inner beauty of the heart. Perhaps we all need to focus more on the inner beauty which will eventually reflect gloriously from the outer canvas we possess.

Go easy on yourselves, and embrace every day God has given!



  1. This is something that we MUST do...go easy on ourselves. It's so hard, sometimes, isn't it? Thank you for a great message.

  2. Did you write those first few paragraphs? It was good!
    Oh aging--some days it is so hard some days not so:))

  3. I did. I'll probably include some of my more serious writing on the blog now and then. Thanks!

  4. Well, I absolutely loved this. Maybe because I could be that woman, working on the canvas each morning. At 46, I'm amazed at how much has changed in one year even. What a creative post. Oh, also, glad you're in for Phase 3, and wow--the words of affirmation "Listen to Lid"--I'm making my husband read your comment!

  5. Scars to some may seem ugly but they are signs of a full life. So is grey hair which I have lots. :)


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