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The book of Genesis gives vital information concerning the origin and meaning of all things, which would otherwise be inaccessible to man. The record of man’s primeval history shows his desperate need for salvation which is executed and implemented in the New Testament. One’s belief concerning his origin will inevitably determine his belief regarding his purpose and his destiny.  A believing understanding of the Book of Genesis is therefore a prerequisite to understanding God and His meaning to man.

If the book of Genesis were to be removed from the Bible, (as many people and certainly Satan would like) the rest of the Bible would be incomprehensible.

It is no mere collection of myths and legends, but an actual, factual record of real events and real people at the beginning of history. All of its scientific and theological inferences are important and true.

The word ‘genesis’ means ‘origin’

Origin of the Universe: Only the Book of Genesis attempts to account for the origin of matter, space and time; and it does so uniquely in terms of special creation.

Origin of order and complexity: Orderly and complex things tend to naturally decay into disorder and simplicity. Order and complexity never arise spontaneously, they are always generated by a prior cause programmed to produce such order.

Origin of the solar system: The earth, as well as the sun, moon, planets and stars were brought into existence by the Creator, as told in Genesis.

Origin of the atmosphere and hydrosphere:  The earth is uniquely equipped with a great body of liquid water and an extensive blanket of an oxygen-nitrogen gaseous mixture, both of which are necessary for life. These have never developed on other planets and are accounted for only by special creation.

Origin of life: How living came into being from non-living chemicals is, and will undoubtedly continue to be a total mystery to materialistic philosophers. The marvels of the reproductive process  and the almost-infinite complexity programmed into the genetic systems of plants and animals, are inexplicable except by special creation.

Origin of man: Man is the most highly organized and complex entity in the universe, so far as we know. The evolutionary descent from animal ancestors is illusory.

Origin of Marriage: The institution of marriage and the home in a monogamous, patriarchal social culture is described in Genesis as ordained by the Creator.

Origin of Evil: Cause and effect reasoning accounts for the origin of the concepts of goodness, truth, beauty, love, and such things as fundamental attributes of the Creator Himself. The origin of physical and moral evils in the universe is explained in Genesis as a temporary intrusion into Gods’ perfect world, allowed by Him as a concession to the principle of human freedom and responsibility, and also to manifest Himself as Redeemer as well as Creator.

Origin of Language: Genesis accounts for the origin of language and also for the various national languages. The gulf between the voice of animals and the intelligent, abstract, symbolic communication systems of man is unbridgeable by any evolutionary process.

Origin of Government: Organized human government is described in Genesis, with orderly social structures and systems of laws and punishments.

Origin of Culture: Civilized cultures such as urbanization, metallurgy, music, agriculture, animal husbandry, writing, education, navigation, textiles and ceramics.

Origin of Nations: The only book that gives an adequate answer to distinct nations and races in spite of the fact that we all developed from one race (the human race).

Origin of Religion: The origin of true worship of the true God is given in Genesis. There are many different religions among men, but all share the consciousness that there must be some ultimate truth and meaning toward which men should strive.

Origin of the Chosen People: The enigma of the Israelites is answered only in terms of the unique origin of Israel as set forth in the Book of Genesis.  (had no homeland for 1900 yrs; gave us the Bible and the knowledge of the true God and Christianity, although the latter is not accepted by them; contributed greatly to the world’s art, music, science, finance and more, but which are nevertheless despised by great numbers of people).

The Book is in reality the foundation of all true history, as well as of true science and true philosophy. No other book of the Bible is quoted as abundantly or referred to so frequently, in other books of the Bible, as is Genesis.

The first eleven chapters have been the object of the greatest attacks of scepticism and unbelief, but there exist over 100 quotes to this portion in the NT. The writers regarded the events or persons therein to be historically true and authoritative.

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