Thursday, April 8, 2010

Life's Ponderings

Life’s been strange lately. It wasn’t just the lack of snow this winter, or the lack of extreme cold temperatures. That was odd for Kamloops, but nice for a change. Then, this morning we suddenly got a flurry of snow. It didn’t stay long and can hardly even be considered 'real' snow due to the fact it didn't even stick to the ground.

Right now I can hear the wind howling. I just peeked out my window from my perch up on the hill and saw a huge dustbowl where the town center of Kamloops is nestled amongst the hills. I’ve decided not to take my much needed walk after all. A mouthful of dust just doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve opted for a coffee instead.

This is semi-arid country after all and the Thompson Rivers are quite low and dry in spots. 
I’ve been feeling a bit dry lately too. My passion is strong, but subdued...if that’s even possible. Maybe it’s a sign of a quiet maturity. I hope it is. I find myself contemplating so many things in greater depth. Things that I used to accept as fact are now up for reconsideration. Perhaps I’ve been too quick to accept what I’ve been told in the past. What does the Bible really say?

At the same time doors are opening, but not the kind of doors you may think of. They are showing me things that I don’t know what to do with. Things I cannot change; things that must be. It amazes me how God has outlined it all beforehand, and often we still miss it until it is upon us.

In the midst of this there’s a peculiar peace, unlike the wind still howling outside my window. Yet, all is well. God is sovereign. My trust lies in Him even amidst the storms of life. I’ve been clinging onto my Bible a little closer these days. It keeps me on a straight and narrow pathway.

Yes, it’s good to ponder.

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