Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A New Christianity

In recent years, a falling away has taken place.  During this time I've read many articles written by various Pastors suggesting that the falling away spoken of in the Bible was evident by the droves of people leaving the church. Personally though, I wondered if the falling away spoken of in the Bible was actually a watering down of the gospel by the church. After all, it is the truth of the gospel that draws them in.

Many of you have probably noticed user friendly tactics employed to lure people into many of our churches. Usually this comprises of a plan that draws people in and makes them feel comfortable and welcome. On the outset this is not a bad thing, as long as you’re teaching them the Gospel.

 Unfortunately, many of these strategies involve some kind of compromise at the expense of truth. The problem with this is that you get people who don’t know the Word, haven’t repented of anything, and think they will receive God’s blessing while continuing on in their old, unchanged lifestyles.

There are many new doctrines out there which are supposedly christian...but are they Scriptural? We rely on our Pastors, our Reverends or our Priests to tell us what the Bible says. Even though the Bible says that we have no need that anyone should teach us because we have the Holy Spirit who will teach us all we need to know. Do we know our Bibles? Can we tell the difference?

Sadly, I believe that for most people, the answer to the above questions is...no.

I guess this is why so many people are falling for the deceptions that are rampant today. One of the most subtle is the Emergent Church doctrine.  They are the proverbial wolf in sheeps' clothing, as they come in the guise of Christianity, using Christian speak and promoting Christian doctrine in their statements of faith. However, what they teach is something completely different. It’s subtle, it’s attractive, and it’s convincing. In an effort to make the church more ‘real,’ Emergents are turning away from a belief in absolutes (modernism), and embracing postmodernism (no absolutes). There is a great danger in this kind of teaching, since the Gospel is an absolute.  Salvation is by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ. Scripturally, there is no other alternative.

However, Emergents see doctrine as bad because it causes division. They oppose a rigid belief system and feel we must be accepting of other doctrines.  Yet, to do this is to betray the Gospel! When we are absolute in our stand as Christians, it is viewed as spiritual pride. Under the guise of humility, they tell us we must have an open mind and question our beliefs. I can agree that it’s good to question our beliefs, as long as the standard we base this on is the Bible.

Emergents may be pure in their efforts to be ‘real’ in their doctrine, however, their methods are extremely dangerous. Our churches are dying because they are not holding tight enough to the Scriptures and are veering away from the Word of God while embracing doctrines of men (2 Tim 3:10-17). We are told to tell people the truth so that they might be saved, which is not what the Emergent Church seems to promote.

Perhaps the Church needs something old, not something new! 
It needs the Gospel, not the doctrine of men!
If we want to fill our churches with real Christians, we must give them real Truth!

“Contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3)."

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  1. I definitely agree with what you are saying here. I am not familiar with the Emergent Church. Are they identified formally under any other names?

    I get frustrated when I don't hear more of the Word preached and see more emphasis placed on "sermon series" or "topical sermons" with marketing tie-ins and too much A/V use. I think many churches are walking a very, very fine line.

    Seems to me that Christ drew a line in the sand, once. Churches need to remember what they stand for. The true Bride of Christ will be prepared by His Word of Truth alone!

  2. Sue, the Emergent church is more of a 'movement' They call themselves christian, and believe they are, but their doctrine is one of tolerance in the form of compromise that will fit in with the global religion agenda. Many of their leaders are known world wide...I believe Rick Warren is one. There's lots of information on the Internet about the Emergent Church if you'd like to know more.


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