Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Works of Faith: The Sheep and the Goats


 Most people would agree that the church is at an important junction right now. The times we live in are amazing times. Knowledge has increased, and with that we are becoming aware of a sinister undertow at work. The news of natural disasters seem to intensify with each passing year. There are wars, rumours of impending wars, and a world that is focused on a tiny speck of land with increasing hatred and intolerance. Then there’s the church in contrast to that. Or is it? Even the church is affected by the world we live in, though it should be the other way around.

My husband and I run a small home based audio visual company on the side. A lot of our customers are churches. We sell projectors and large screens which they use to project the words of songs, scriptures, and sometimes to play videos. I think it’s wonderful that we have this type of technology available to us. My only concern is that it has made us lazy. There are so many versions of the bible available today, that people will put down their bibles opting to rely on what’s on the screen.  In short, many people don’t check up on the content of what they’re told.

This may be the downfall of the individual christian today! On my facebook profile, under religious views mine specifies ‘read your bible’ and I mean that with a passion!  We have a responsibility to know that what we believe is the truth! There is ONE mediator between God and man—the Lord Jesus Christ.  Anyone else that pops in between there is to be treated as a man with an opinion. Please, read your bibles and see if it is so!

To get back to the church-- I’m not referring to the church as a whole but am specifically referring to the individuals which make up the church; the sheep and the goats. Have you ever wondered about the portion in Matthew that speaks of the two? I sure have. It’s one of those passages that keeps rolling around in my head.

 What does it mean?

I believe it is a test of the works of faith, and a crucial test--a deciding factor. This is a passage we don’t want to glean over. It is too important.

However, this post is long enough for today, so I will be back in a couple of days with the rest of this post.

The works of faith; the sheep and the goats. Matthew 25:31-46

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  1. Carmen,
    Amen! We definitely need to test the messages we receive against scripture. It's great we have these technologies, but the word of God, was, is and always will be.

    Many blessings,

  2. Back to the basics! read the Bible. Very good message:)


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