Thursday, January 22, 2009

Language Issues..."We The Pepple"

Is it just me, or are people changing the way we say some words? I think the English language is difficult enough without making changes that confuse us more. For instance, I was listening to the radio yesterday, and some expert on women’s menopause said “eestrogen” in his sentence. Someone tell me, when did "estrogen" become "eestrogen?" Then the other day my friend and I were looking over some photos, and she commented that she liked the "seepia" one better. "Seepia?" When did "sepia" become "seepia?" What’s going on?

I wonder how they’d like it if I changed the language?  It’ll no longer be "people" folks! Nope, it’s "pepple," or maybe even "peeps" as Greg suggested in the comments!

Okay, so I’m just being silly here. But seriously peeps, I have a hard enough time with things like “eye candy” and “arm candy.” Now you’re going to confuse me more by changing the way normal words sound?

Isn’t it enough for you that most of our language laws don’t work already? For example; I before E except after C or when sounding like A as in neighbour and weigh. So then what do I do with conscience or foreign, and what about leisure, either or neither? It’s verbal craziness!

This time I have to draw the line. I’m sorry, but I will not conform!

No eestrogen for me, thanks! I’ll have a heaping helping of estrogen instead!

Have a good day!