Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Six Little Things

I was tagged by Barbara over at Serenity Gate, and by Anita at Rollercoaster Days to play this little game. This should be fun...

1. My first name is actually my second name. I was always called Carmen, but my birth certificate records me as Francisca Carmen Maria. My mom thought it sounded better that way.

2. My family immigrated to Canada from Holland when I was six, therefore they are the only family I had around until I was married. My husband's family is HUGE!

3. I took Christian Counseling courses for three years when suddenly the school disbanded, the Dean left, and all before I could hand in my final papers on pre and post abortion counseling. I never received credit for completing it all, but that's okay. I still love to study the Word, and the Amplified is my preferred Bible.

4. I love sweets and chocolate--although dark chocolate gives me a wicked headache, and I rarely eat candy...unless you count chocolate. I make this Dutch Apple Torte that is to die for!! A seniors home in the area asked for the recipe (I know one of the cooks) and now they have it on their special dinner menu.

5. I love to do creative things, especially crafts and writing. I'm a good seamstress, but I'm particular about what I like to make. I also play classical guitar and passed the passion for guitar onto my sons. One of them is the lead guitarist in a youth worship band Hathaway Band, two of my sons play on worship teams, and the fourth plays for fun.

And for Anita, one humiliating thing...

6. I'm extremely forgetful. Now you might think this is lame, but I'm very embarrassed by it. I blame my personal organizer (being 51 couldn't possibly have anything to do with it) that I so faithfully used when my life was chaotic. I quit most of the chaos and the organizer, and now I promptly forget everything unless I write it down. The problem is, I keep forgetting to buy a new organizer. (I secretly wonder if I'd remember to look in it anyway). I really do try hard to remember things and write them down. It's a good thing people love me enough to forgive me!

And there you have it...

"TAG," you're it!



  1. Wow, you have a beautiful name. Great list!

  2. Don't feel alone. I am right there with 4, 5 and 6. I'm actually Gregory by the way. :)

  3. That's a great list! I'm with you on the forgetting things too,I honestly would forget my head sometimes if it wasn't attached!


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