Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Faith of the Living Dead

There is nothing Satan fears more than a dead man. This is because someone who is dead cannot be affected by the desires of the flesh or the promptings of the enemy. As Christians, have we underestimated the importance of being dead in Christ? Do we like to “toy” with the state of our death by resurrecting the old sin-enslaved man through our thoughts and actions? I know this happens, because sometimes I’m guilty of it myself.

Most of humanity want to be the masters of their own universe instead of bow to the King of the universe. But for a christian this is a dangerous game, for though our salvation is sure, we render ourselves ineffective in God’s kingdom. The world cannot stand “carnal” Christians (what are those anyway? Think about that for a second.) They are looking for the real thing--just like God, and they know the difference.

The greatest power Satan has over us is the power we give him. That power is our very faith. Will we believe (have faith in) God’s Word, or Satan’s word? When we resist the devil, he flees. Satan knows where he stands, he knows the Word, he knows God. Believe me, he knows the score! So he runs away when he realizes that we know too.

His desire is for the faith of the masses, because if mankind has faith in him, no matter how blind, maybe he can still win, maybe he can still be like the Most High. Wasn’t that his original desire? Do you think that has changed? There is a cost for misplaced faith in the masses—it is souls. The fact that Jesus gave His life for ALL mankind, makes this the gravest tragedy we will ever see unfold. This is why there is only one way.

How well do we know God’s Word? Satan knows it well. Remember the temptation of Christ? In order to resist the devil, we need to know God’s Word and His promises. When we do, “no weapon formed against us shall prosper.” I am so thankful that God always has our best interest at heart, and that He knows and does what’s best.

We are dead to ourselves, alive in Christ--the living dead. By putting your faith in God and His Word, you’ll be effective in His kingdom, and by your manner of living, win souls... because it is He who lives within you bringing all things into completion. I encourage you to put your faith in Him!


  1. Awesome post today Carmen. I know that the devil is out there waiting and watching so we have to be on the lookout and keep our hearts on God's word.

  2. Ok I had to follow up with this. The secret word that I had to type in for my last comment was Grave. Talk about a message coming in loud and clear.

  3. You know, this has really touched me. For so long, I wanted my life to be lived the way I wanted it and I wanted God to just move around in it the way I thought He should. Now though, I have truly come to see that in order to really succeed and to grow in Christ, I have to give MY will up to HIS will. He knows infinitely more what it truly is that I need and I have begun to pray everyday that in everything I do, I am continually giving up myself and allowing Him to work through me. I want to not follow my own heart, but the heart of God!

  4. Great post!! What more can I say, you said it so well:)


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