Saturday, January 17, 2009

Armed Candy

At the breakfast table this morning, my husband mentioned how his hair appeared to be less brown and more grey these days. I immediately chirped in to say how I wanted to go grey since dyeing is such a pain in the butt, and hey, it may look good! I then remembered the last time I mentioned that thought to one of my good friends. She said, “No Carmen, you want to know how you’ll look?…you’ll look OLD!!…don’t do it” she warned.

My husband now confirmed that sentiment by suggesting that perhaps I could walk behind him a few feet if I decided to let my hair go natural. Unfazed, I commented, “well, it’s not like I’m arm candy at my age anyway” (a sultry 50, hehehe). At that point, my mother, in her heavy dutch accent entered the conversation with, “yes, yes you are, you’re still armed candy!" Ahem -- thanks Mom! This statement was met with great enthusiasm by my loving husband. “Yep, she’s armed candy alright, gotta watch that one!

Well, after all the laughter died down, I wondered if he’d sleep with one eye open tonight. Cos, you know, he probably should! ;)

Then, my son read this post and said, "you know Mom, the funniest thing about this post is, it's "EYE" candy, not arm candy.

Sigh. Yup, I'm just like my Mom!

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  1. This is so funny for several reasons. First off I was thinking of letting my hair grow longer and my wife reminded me that I would have to dye it more often. Ahem I mean if I did dye my hair that is. (only my drug store sales person knows for sure) I wanted to go for that comb it straight back look. What do you think, I am 53?
    The other thing that cracked me up was the mother's comments. I recently drove my mother to a wedding. The drive took an hour and a half and I had to repeat everything that my wife said. She was driving and my mother couldn't hear her when she talked. On more than one occasion, she got the wrong message and after a while I just gave up and went along with what she said. Great post.


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